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Private Pay

Making the Most of Savings, Pensions & Retirement When Paying for Home Care

Families who do not receive veterans' benefits or have long-term care insurance often use a combination of their Social Security benefits, private pensions, savings, home equity, or reverse mortgages to pay for home care. These options are sometimes the most immediate means of covering the expense of home care.

Our home care experts provide recommendations for care that meet your family’s needs while being sensitive to cost and helping you to get the most out of your savings. We also have additional resources and information on home care assistance programs that can help reduce the financial burden of caring for a loved one.

Frequently Asked Questions on Paying for In-Home Care

How does billing work?

There are a few options that each office may offer depending on the way you would like to be billed. We have automated billing solutions available.

Can I pay for home care online?

Yes, we do have online payment options. Call your local office to inquire about the payment options available to you.

Do you take insurance or Medicaid?

We do accept long-term care insurance. It is best to contact your local office to find out if your long-term care insurance plan is accepted. Medicaid paid services are typically not available for most offices, but there may be offices that do accept payment. Please contact your local office to find out for sure.

Do I need to sign a contract with Griswold if I need care?

You would sign a non-binding service agreement (non-binding meaning the agreement has no set time period and can be canceled at any time for any reason). For example, care could be for one day or months at a time. The agreement has no binding length of service provisions, so you can choose care to start right away or whenever you are ready to after signing. Signing the contract is simply a guarantee that fees will be paid once care begins.

Who do I pay for the services provided?

It depends on the office you are working with and the structure of their organization. However, for Griswold services rendered, you will always pay the local Griswold office directly. Contact your local office to find out more!

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