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Posts from 2022

  • Restless Legs and Dementia Restlessness in elderly patients is often misunderstood. Older adults who experience nighttime sleep disturbances have difficulty functioning in the daytime. Lack of sleep can lead to agitation, increased confusion, depression, anxiety, and reduced quality of life. So, what ... Continue Reading
  • 6 Travel Tips for Seniors as Covid-19 Restrictions Ease Whether it’s a bucket-list adventure or a staycation, we all want a happy, memorable trip! Now that travel restrictions are lifting, everyone is itching to get back out and travel again, especially older adults. According to AARP’s 2022 Travel Trends Report , 67% of people ... Continue Reading
  • Senior Hoarding Syndrome: Understanding Hoarding in Older Adults Hoarding is a difficult situation that affects around 4% of the population - although recent research suggests that the number is rising and is closer to 6% overall. Hoarding has a disproportionately negative effect on the elderly population, particularly impacting mobility ... Continue Reading
  • Sexually Inappropriate Behavior in Dementia Patients Seeing a loved one with dementia perform sexually inappropriate behaviors can be quite distressing. They could act inappropriately toward their spouse, children, or caregivers due to confusion and a number of other factors. But what causes these behaviors? And how can we ... Continue Reading
  • Doctor Appointment Tips: Questions Seniors Should Ask Their Doctors There have been a lot of changes since the Covid-19 virus swept across our nation and the world. One of these changes is the way business is conducted in our doctor’s offices and hospitals. Mandates and restrictions have been in place to enhance the safety of patients and ... Continue Reading
  • Constant Throat Clearing and Dementia If you live with an elderly person, you may notice they are constantly clearing their throat. It is probably worse after meals, and it usually isn’t a gentle “ahem” either. It could be a lengthy and frankly disgusting sound. Turns out throat clearing is more than just an ... Continue Reading
  • Dancing Benefits for Seniors You probably already know how important it is for seniors to stay active - physically, mentally, and socially. Seniors who sit at home alone tend to feel isolated, become depressed, and can also suffer from physical ailments due to lack of movement. One way for seniors to ... Continue Reading
  • What Not to Say to Someone with Dementia What Not to Say to Someone with Dementia: Communicating with a loved one who has dementia can be difficult and heartbreaking. When a person is confused and disoriented the last thing you want to do is make matters worse, so it is important to know what not to say to someone ... Continue Reading
  • Signs of Aging Eyes Beginning in their early to mid-40s, older adults start experiencing problems with vision. This is especially prevalent in people with systemic conditions — such as diabetes or high blood pressure — or who have a family history of eye diseases. When you have these vision ... Continue Reading
  • Chronic Runny Nose in the Elderly Why does my nose run more as I get older? It can be the result of geriatric rhinitis or primary atrophic rhinitis. This imprecise term signifies the inflammation of the mucous membranes or lining of the nasal cavity due to the age-related changes in nasal physiology. ... Continue Reading
  • Allergies in Elderly Adults What are Allergies? Allergies occur when your immune system reacts abnormally to a foreign substance that enters or touches your body. Immune systems produce antibodies. When you have allergies, your immune system rushes to produce antibodies that identify an allergen as ... Continue Reading
  • Pulmonary Embolism in Elderly Adults: What To Know Pulmonary embolism is a blockage of one of the main arteries in your lungs. It is caused by a blood clot that travels to the lungs from the leg. Unfortunately, pulmonary embolism is common and dangerous, with up to a third of cases being fatal. Is Pulmonary Embolism Curable? ... Continue Reading
  • Signs of Dementia: Paranoia, Accusations, and Lying Dealing with an elderly parent lying can be quite cumbersome. If your loved one has dementia and is frequently lying, you may be wondering the following questions. Does someone with dementia tell lies? Is lying a symptom of dementia? How do I deal with my elderly loved one ... Continue Reading
  • Dementia and OCD: Obsessive Compulsive Disorder in Elderly Adults Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) causes persistent, upsetting thoughts (obsessions) that cause anxiety which the sufferer then uses rituals (compulsions) to control. When obsessive-compulsive disorder in the elderly becomes severe, it can interfere with everyday life. For ... Continue Reading
  • Gurgling at End of Life: What Does the "Death Rattle" Sound Like? Preparing for the end of life can involve a range of emotions but it can also involve unusual ailments. This includes gurgling at the end of life. This sound is commonly referred to as the “death rattle.” But what does the death rattle sound like? Is it the death rattle or ... Continue Reading
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